Parent’s Day(=Mother’s Day) in South Korea

May 9, 2024

What is Mother’s Day in South Korea?

Parent’s Day, a celebration that holds an important place in South Korean families and culture. Celebrated annually on 8 May, it’s a time to express gratitude and respect for parents, and has been celebrated in South Korea since 1956. The origins of Parent’s Day are said to be influenced by many cultures, most notably Mother’s Day in the United States.

It is a tradition for children to give their parents carnations and other gifts of appreciation. Many families also gather together for meals, travel, and other activities to repay their parents for their generosity. More than just a day to thank parents, Parent’s Day plays an important role in fostering communication and understanding between generations and strengthening family ties.

In South Korea, Parent’s Day is not a public holiday, but it has great meaning and significance. It’s a day for Korean society to reaffirm the traditional value of elderly filial piety and to reflect on the importance of family. Parent’s Day also has social significance, with many companies and organisations holding special events and promotions for parents.

The importance of Parent’s Day is not limited to South Korea; many countries around the world have similar celebrations to honour their parents, and they celebrate in different ways depending on their culture and traditions. This is an example of how the universal value of family is shared across the globe.

Parent’s Day reflects the beauty of Korean culture and its deep respect for family. It gives Koreans the opportunity to celebrate the importance of family, share love and respect between generations, and strengthen social ties and a sense of community. Parent’s Day plays an important role in passing on the identity and cultural values of Korean society, and the tradition will continue for years to come.

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